Feeling sexy isn’t just about what you wear or the way you look, it’s about the way you feel. It’s a mindset. It all comes down to what sexy means to you! Feeling sexy is an essential to the human experience, just as much as the air we breathe.

Feeling sexy can be anything from wearing matching underwear to having a good hair day… it’s all about inner confidence. When you feel confident, you feel more connected with yourself, you validate yourself without the need for someone else’s approval. This feeling of self-validation gives you comfort in your own skin and is actually good for your health! Don’t believe me? Let me explain…

Feeling sexy can lead to better sex! If you’re feeling good about yourself, you are much more likely to enjoy yourself, increasing the potential for the big ‘O’ (and who doesn’t want that, ladies?). Orgasms have a long list of health benefits including lowering blood pressure, reducing stress as well as leading to a better night’s sleep.

Still need more convincing?

Having sex actually makes you glow! There is a reason why horizontal refreshment gives you that glow. It improves blood circulation which pumps all that blood-cleansing oxygen to your skin creating a brighter, glowing complexion… and everyone wants great skin, don’t they?

As well as a great sex life and amazing skin, your immune system will thank you! No more foul-tasting green smoothies – go and find your partner! More frequent sex allows your immune system to pick up and start becoming more effective at fighting off virus’ and bacteria. Because you’ve got to do it for your health ladies!

And finally…

Once you feel sexy, you will want to stay sexy. You will never want to lose that feeling. So what’s stopping you?